about us

Our story

The chances are we’ve been where you are – we’ve walked in your shoes, sat in your seat, and seen lots of agencies from your side of the fence. From our many years of leadership experience in different organisations across a variety of industries, we know the challenges and the pressures you face every day.

That’s why we started Frank. Because marketing for marketing’s sake might be pretty, but it’s pointless. That’s why we bring so much more. We bring an understanding of business, and a keen appreciation of the pressure to deliver. That’s why we’ll want to know how your business is performing, not just how your marketing is doing. Our insights are fed by experience, and our solutions are focused on delivery.

Our approach is always hands on. We’re inquisitive, we’re practical and we’re collaborative. We will quickly become a partner to you and an extension of your team.

We don’t do jargon and we’re not interested in wrapping things up in complicated language to try to impress. We ask simple questions and propose straightforward solutions.

We don’t have huge overheads or swanky offices in expensive towns. We are flexible, agile and affordable. Above all we are only interested in delivering the best results from outstanding marketing.

Before starting Frank, Peter and Kirsty worked together in various roles and different guises over the past ten years. And while they both share exactly the same ambition for our clients and our business, they each have something unique and complimentary to offer.

“Our combined ability to be brilliantly creative and commercially focused is a powerful alliance which brings the best of both worlds to our clients.”

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kirsty franks

Founder and Creative Director

I’m the creative driving force behind Frank. I’ve spent two decades honing my marketing skills in B2B and B2C roles across a range of sectors including property, IT, retail, healthcare, not-for-profit and financial services.

I’m positive, energetic and driven to do the absolute best for every one of our clients. My approach is to start with yes and work out the rest. 

peter branson

Founder and Strategic Director

I’m the strategic force behind Frank. I’ve spent longer than I care to admit in senior leadership roles across a range of sectors including investment banking, global FMCG, not-for-profit and education.

I’m endlessly curious, utterly determined and ruthlessly analytical. I fundamentally believe that there is a solution for every problem, and I don’t rest until I work out what it is.

laura smith

Head of Content

I’m the wordy one in the team. As a copywriter for over 15 years, working across digital, print, radio and television, I know how to deliver a message to the right audience.

With a commercial writing style, I can flex from corporate and formal to fun and playful. I love to take complex information and communicate it in a way that feels simple, accessible and authentic.

mike everett

Head of Design

I’m the design and digital guru in Frank.

With 13 years’ creative marketing experience across multiple sectors, I take pride in my ability to create high-quality eye-catching websites and design which engage and convert.

Eva poynor

Marketing Assistant

I’m the organised one in Frank!

My role is to keep the Frank team on track so that we always do what we promise, when we promise it! I’m also the TikTok and social media queen, so you’ll normally find me with a camera phone in my hand.

bear franks

Head of wellbeing

I’m undoubtedly the cutest team member in Frank!

Bear brings four years’ experience of looking cute and dopey and has a particular skill in telling the time (it’s 5pm on the dot when he expects to be fed). He keeps stress levels low in the team, but is a pretty rubbish guard dog, so prepared to be fussed over when you pop into the office.